Water Chestnut Rice Cakes

LOW RES IMAGE Water Chestnuts(copy) 2 Makes 8
3 cups cooked rice
227 g Golden Sun Water Chestnuts, drained
320 g Golden Sun Red Peppers
2 t minced ginger
4 eggs
1 t salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup oil
Place rice in bowl.  Chop water chestnuts roughly. Drain red peppers and add with water chestnuts to rice.  Mix in ginger, eggs, salt and pepper.

Heat a heavy based frying pan.  Add oil and cook 1/2 cup full of mixture in batches.  Transfer to a heated dish.

Serve with Golden Sun Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce or stacked with a salmon steak or with finely sliced barbecued meats.

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